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by Deaftrap

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The Myth of Sisyphus Forever shoving rocks up a mountain side trying to erode every stone to lighten the weight of the world, to alleviate its pain to save us from our self to save us from our self I used to believe that I could grind the stones but in the end, the stones will grind me to dust eternally eternally eternally the pattern stays the same it is just constant change of shapes
Trust 00:30
Trust I’m walking the tracks at dusk listing to the rustling of the trains passing by and I remember that you promised me to come back
Shadowboxing 01:18
Shadowboxing My shirts and jeans turn from black to grey and my shoes are worn out, like my heart and my beliefs I spent endless nights fighting my own shadow bruised knuckles, shaking hands are everything that remains for me I screamed at the moon I whispered to the walls please let me out please let me out of here
Home 00:28
Home I grew up a gloomy kid in the heart of boredom “Every day is a gift” so they said but to me it just felt like another drop in the pond where I am drowning in
(A Play) of Hope and Fear Whispering wishes into ice-cold November nights, but the silence was too loud to hear its answer: “Out - out are the lights And, over each quivering form, The curtain, a funeral pall, Comes down with the rush of a storm, While the angels, (out are the lights) all pallid and wan, (out are the lights) Uprising, unveiling, affirm That the play is the tragedy, “Man,” And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.”
Hellhound Blues (Part IV) Come closer, look down and tell me what you see, because for me the lines got blurry long time ago and all the words lost their meaning I stopped caring I stopped believing, but I could never stop writing chained to the pen nailed to the paper I lost my name I lost my voice and my thoughts drowned in ink these stories swallowed me whole, they swallowed me whole
Weaving Iron 00:45
Weaving Iron Please, lift this weight off me for my shoulders are too weak to carry all this any further I can´t take another step they are still with me these voices from the past they are heavy as lead chains as strong as iron they are heavy as lead chains as strong as iron let me be something else let me forget let me be nothing else make me forget
Unheeded Bones This city is a graveyard houses like kicked in teeth the corpses whisper what is written on the headstones “You can’t disappear You will never leave this place You must rot here with us”
Sparks 01:53
Sparks Dragged from darkness into existence we are mistakes nothing but dead ends trapped in a time that moves in circles we were pulled into the light nothing more than the sum of our parts we are no souls, have no free will just piles of suffering dust every mind is a prison cell every heart is a frozen spark of hell we´re falling blindly from cradle to grave and everything else is a lie that we decided to believe
Eleanor 02:48
Eleanor There is this place inside my mind a house build on cursed ground an asylum for my hopes and my dreams the walls collapsed long time ago, but somthing is still trapped in there in these endless corridors and the hallways that lead into pitch black darkness nothing sane can survive in there nothing good can grow from this soil I can hear a voice calling my name and footsteps on the inside of my head but they say, that whatever walked there, walked alone walked alone, it walked alone that whatever walked there, still walks alone I Hope that it walkes alone Walk alone Please walk alone
Golgatha 04:54
Golgatha Two planks and three nails to keep him in his place On the top of the mountain (hill) where his followers pity their fails Whilst entering the realms of death he deformed and abandoned the crown on top of his head Their Lungs filled with fire, their gaze wrapped in smoke. Hell arose as his wooden shrine broke and left the world covered in a crimson cloak. A absence of life, a whisper of eternal rotting. There was nothing but a shape of horns instead of a crown of thorns He was hiding in disguise A bastard watching his own son die He claimed to be God, yet he’s the real antichrist


released July 16, 2020


all rights reserved



Deaftrap Erfurt, Germany

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